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What is Snapchat - how it works and how to use it to your advantage?

Snapchat is an iOS and Android app. The main idea behind Snapchat is that any picture, video or message sent by a user is available only for a limited period of time before becoming inaccessible. The ephemeral or temporary nature of this messaging app has encouraged more lifelike interactions among the users.


Thanks to the frequent updates by the company over the years, Snapchat has now evolved into something better. For instance, users can replay the videos or photos aka snaps which they have received as many times as they want to. You can also screenshot the moments and save them for future reminiscence. As for the snaps that you have sent and shared with other users, you can easily save them in the Memories section in your personal Snapchat account or the camera roll in your personal device.


What started off as an app for private, user-to-user snap sharing has now exploded into an amazing platform for photo sharing, video sharing, live video chats, messaging, caricature creations, etc. It also has a designated area called “discovery” to showcase short content by big publishers like Dailymail and Buzzfeed.


Snapchat has over millions of users worldwide and right now it has become one of the hottest and trending pools for finding dates. It has become an effective messaging app to get girls or guys who share the same interests. With over 166 million active users every single day, there is more than 50 percent chance you will find at least one interesting person in a day. This app has multiple features that you can use to your advantage to score some great Snapchat girls or guys. Snapchat’s silliness, informality and the encouragement of naked thirst is just the dose of fresh air that is needed in the dating game.

A distinctive feature of Snapchat is that users are mostly bold about the content they share because of its ephemeral nature. Directly shared snaps disappear in a matter of 10 seconds and public “stories” are gone within 24 hours. Users are curious and intrigued by the content shared on Snapchat because it is not something you will typically see on other similar social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever. It also makes us users even more curious about what to do next after the message disappears forever for the receiver. Just the implication of adding a user on Snapchat is an open flirtatious signal all by itself.

Unlike the other social media networking platforms today, Snapchat is also largely private. The only way for you to see or follow another Snapchat user is to get their exact handle or their phone number. Without any third party lurking behind the scenes and knowing all your Snapchat whereabouts, it leaves more privacy to approach the Snapchat girls and guys that intrigue you. With all these features geared towards helping you score on the dating front, forging flirtatious, silly, casual or romantic connections have never been easier!